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For more than 15 years Shades Asia has worked with some of Asia’s best and most prestigious resorts to provide solutions in sun and rain protection. We work closely with resort owners, managers, F&B managers, procurement companies, architects and interior designers on new and existing projects, always with the clients’ requirements as our guiding principle. This almost always means providing practical, beautiful and long-lasting solutions to issues of guest comfort and enjoyment of the resorts’ facilities and surroundings.

When Rosewood built their magnificent property on 43 acres bordering Patong Bay in Phuket the architects (Island Space) and specialist resort designers (Bar Studio) asked Shades to provide weather protection for a range of areas throughout the resort.

Internal shading – arrivals area roofing

The relaxed but sophisticated ambiance of the Arrivals area relies on allowing visions of the surrounding vegetation to blend with the abundant light issuing through the open spaces between the columns of the walls, and also via the glassed timber pergola-style roof. But in Phuket’s sunny winter period the heat proved a little too much, and our solution of freely hanging fabric flutes between the pergola beams provided sufficient shade to solve the problem.

We chose Sunbrella Sheer for the job, an outdoor woven acrylic like its heavier-duty versions but significantly lighter and soft both to the touch and on the eye, forming attractively falling flutes which move gently in any breezes which waft through the enclosure.

Villa pergola shades

The designers wanted to create a similar effect on the pergola structures over some of the villa patios. Again we chose Sunbrella Sheer fabric, this time to form manually retracting temporary fluted shades which could be stored to one side when not required, or in bad weather, and when in use, provide sufficient shade to render the seating space usable in sunny weather.

Roofed dining pavilions at Fisherman’s Village restaurant

A stunning feature of Rosewood Phuket is Fisherman’s Village restaurant, designed around the concept of a traditional rustic local fishing village. The dining pavilions are made from chunky timbers from coconut trees; rusted corrugated iron has been used for roofing some of these pavilions, and on others we fitted Sunbrella Shade fabric in “Terracotta” colour.

Fixed fluted roofing

Over the fresh fish pond and seafood buffet bar we fitted fixed fluted Sunbrella roofing, this time in Oyster colour to allow light through during the day, with flutes sloped to each side to drain rain water.

Vertical Roller Blinds

In the arrivals area and all-day dining venues the designers required vertical roller blinds as temporary protection against wind and rain, but they insisted on concealing as much as possible the blinds when not in use. We worked with the architects and builders to create ceiling and column recesses and special minimally intrusive cable attachments to achieve this requirement.

Arrivals area with concealed vertical roller blinds

Ceiling recesses concealing furling mechanisms for vertical roller blinds

Side-track vertical roller blinds (“zip-track”)

At the main Beach Kiosk the same requirement applied, and this time we used roller blinds with side tracks rather than cables, and black Suntex 95 mesh fabric.

“Zip-track” roller blinds on Beach Kiosk

“Zip track” vertical blinds with all mechanisms concealed

in recesses in the timber/steel frames

Roller blinds, Beach Bar

At the beachside bar we installed roller blinds around the entire building, once again using black Suntex mesh fabric.

Blinds deployed, great protection from wind-driven rain and sun,

but still almost a perfect view to outside.

Beach kiosks

Our brief with these small kiosks was to design and install fabric roofs and moveable side window panels which doubles as awnings when the kiosks were open, and security and weather screens when closed. For these we 100% rainproof architectural PVC attached to stainless steel frames with specialist fabric tensioning aluminium extrusions around panel perimeters.

Tension-supported rainproof shade structure for the kids’ kitchen

To provide sun and rain protection over an area used by children we designed and installed a tensile fabric shade structure using back-stayed redwood columns to support a well-tensioned architectural PVC membrane.

Ask SHADES ASIA to assist with your next resort project. Our DESIGN TEAM is ready to provide a full design for you with no obligation - shade structures, awnings, blinds and roofing, beautifully presented as life-like 3D rendered images complete with shade pattern analysis so you can be sure that our product delivers to you the desired solution to your sun and rain protection projects, at any specified times of the day any day of the year.


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