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How we use CAD design to create architectural fabric structures which are beautifully formed, efficient in achieving their design objectives, long lasting, and, most important of all, safe

CAD DESIGN -  what is it exactly?

“Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer technology by architects, engineers, and others for design and drawing”

We use specialist design software to:

  • allow our designers the freedom to explore any and all possible design solutions for a specific task

  • to optimize such designs in terms of component materials, dimensions and shape, and

  • to ensure structural integrity of designs under all expected site conditions


Unlike most other building materials, fabric can take on many shapes according to a whole range of factors which designers make use of to produce those shapes they require:


  • The location and nature of attachment points, supporting structures such as beams, and other elements which constrain the ultimate shape of the fabric such as edge rigging and attachment links

  • Applied tension

  • Degree of elasticity of the fabric

  • Form-finding software allows designers to explore and experiment with some or all of those factors to create the optimal 3-dimensional fabric shape which fits existing or proposed supporting infrastructure, ensures efficient shade patterns & water run-off, and achieves the design objectives.

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