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Design Service

It's what we do

How we make the process easy

Perfect design solutions through client collaboration

Our mission – solve your weather protection issues with our design experience and product range.

How do we make the process easy? - understand the issues and your objectives, listen to your preferences, then offer solutions which fit. 

Our tools? -  lots of experience, clever engineering and fabric design software, and above all, a passion for the task!   

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Here's how it works

Gathering information

If practicable we’ll visit your site (and complete a no-obligation laser survey if required), but we can effectively work with information you can send us – architectural or builder’s plans in any format, or for first-round designs we may simply ask for some critical dimensions and perhaps site photographs.


Concept design

Now that we understand your objectives and can recreate your site in 3D, the process of imagining a design which ticks all your boxes begins in earnest. Drawing on our experience in materials, design and user issues, and adding computer-generated shade pattern analysis, we will work to produce one or more design concepts. 


Feedback & Fine tuning

It’s your project and your design, so we listen carefully to and value your feedback to ensure the final design is “just what you imagined, only better”! We will present them to you using whatever it takes to ensure you can visualize the result - drawings, renders and videos.


Final design & quotation

Our final proposal to you will include clear drawings and images of the design, shade patterns if appropriate, materials specifications, example images of similar products we have completed, and clearly explained business aspects of the project including warranty details, production lead time, and installation times.


Looking forward to meet!

On behalf of the Shades team we hope to welcome you as our new client soon! 

Our Designers


Design Manager >


“It’s so satisfying and exciting to see our designs come to life from our computer screens and workshop drawings to become real structures with real functions”.


Designer >


“A critical part of my job is to make sure that every detail of the finished product conforms to the design our team has developed”.


Architectural Designer >


“Tensioned fabric is like no other building material – the limitations on the designer are few and we keep finding new and exciting ways to work with it”.

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