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Sometimes you need some shade. And sometimes the open sky is more appealing, especially, in the tropics, at night.

That's why the owner of this magnificent villa overlooking Patong Bay and the Andaman Sea, in Phuket, Thailand, came to Shades Asia for a solution.

Our custom-made all-aluminium pergola with retracting fabric roof provides his guests with protection from the blistering sun during the day, from the tropical showers of the afternoon, but allows for open sky dining after dark.

No complicated motorized system is required - a simple and easy-to-use rope and pulley system quickly deploys or retracts the roofing panels, stacking the fabric neatly when not needed.

The solution-dyed woven acrylic fabric from Sauleda blocks 100% of UV and rain. The fabric flues are designed to slope to one side and provide water run-off into the garden. No corrodible components - aluminium (finished in a marine grade epoxy paint system), marine grade pulleys and ropes, and stainless steel anchoring bolts.

Check out Shades Asia's patio protection solutions at Outdoor protection | Shadesasia


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