New Range Of Awesome Umbrellas From Shades!

We are very excited to show you some new, very special, in fact awesome umbrellas in our range – special umbrellas for special applications around pools, restaurants, patios & outdoor dining areas.

The “BURU” – umbrellas which come in clusters of 1 to 4 canopies on a single post!

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The “Swanson” – here is a BIG umbrella! Centre post, with manual winding mechanism.

Swanson umbrella is fully retractable via manual simple winding mechanism

The “Redcliff” – even bigger! 7 metres across. Retracts with manual winding mechanism.

Recliff umbrella is fully retractable via simple manual winding system.

Side-arm retracting umbrellas

Add style to your outdoors with beautiful teak-coloured Indonesian hardwood -framed side-arm umbrellas. Plenty of room below these long-lasting Sunbrella fabric canopies because the support post is off to one side. Perfect for a table setting or sun lounges below. These umbrellas have simple manually operated retracting systems and a range of base options. Contact us for an information document.

The “Corsica” – side-post cantilevered umbrella, square canopy

Two sizes, manual retracting mechanism, attractive timber frame.

The “Sardinia” – side-post cantilevered umbrella, round canopy

Two sizes, manual retracting mechanism, attractive timber frame.

Check out the umbrella section of our web site, or contact us for an information document on any of the umbrellas shown here.

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