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Newsletter September 2020

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Newsletter September 2020




Shade sails will form a major visual feature of the newly opened Blue Tree waterpark & leisure centre in Phuket. They will also add much needed sun and rain protection to walkways and food outlet areas. Here is our render showing a part of the proposed food court area.

It would save a lot of money and effort if shade sails would stay up on their own, but they don’t, so our work over the past few weeks has included mounting custom-built free-standing steel columns onto appropriate footings, mostly poured piles, so provide sturdy and failure proof attachment points for the sails.

Watch our team in action with footings contractors preparing the footings and surveying the installed columns.


Watch for more updates on this exciting project next month!




The school bell rang for the very first time on Monday morning, September 14th. UCIS Udon Thani, that city’s brand new International school, was open. A brand new double swimming pool and playground awaited the students, both provided with protection from Northern Thailand’s beating sun by our product, thereby significantly extending the usage time for both facilities.



This month we feature a product we call the FREE-STANDING FRAMED SINGLE CONICAL STRUCTURE, which really says it all. Basically, a classic conical shaped fabric membrane tensioned onto its own self-supporting frame consisting of columns, rafters, flying mast and ring beam.

Shades Asia’s design team can customize these structures to shapes and sizes which suit your requirements, from small patio features to larger shelters for a whole range of uses from F&B dining areas & outdoor bars to event tents or just about any other use where attractive crowd pulling venues are desired.

This Phuket resort used one of our framed single conicals to provide sun and rain protection to its rooftop bar.

Larger versions provide even more revenue-creating space, like this one we sent to Luang Prabang’s famous Parasol Blanc Restaurant in Laos. This one we made with beautiful milled hardwood columns.

The frames of these structures can be pre-cabled for fans, lights or sound systems, and fitted with roller blinds to provide extra protection from rain, wind and sun.

Contact our design team to explore the possibilities for your property, or even consider this 9.0 x 4.5 metre unit, which, as the result of a cancelled order, we have in stock and ready to install. At a very special price.

Remember, we ship anywhere!



Venetian blinds have been seriously up-graded and gone outdoors!

Shades Asia now carries the full range of European-made SELT brand outdoor venetian blinds, a brand new and classy solution to window protection.


For more information, our product catalogue, or a quotation.


Newsletter August 2020




This this casual-style dining venue at a theme park badly needed additional protection from hot sun and rain to allow seating for additional patrons on the adjacent pavement  

The solution? Extend the protection offered by the overhanging roof with a design-complementing canopy.

One of our rendered images of the design concept.

Forming the canopy structure are hardwood timber columns with mild steel fittings, and mild steel rafters painted to match the existing steel supports of the building itself. Theme-matching architectural PVC from Serge Ferrari forms the canopy itself, in this case Soltis Proof in “Sandy Beige” colour. Decorative triangular shade sails below the canopy proper complete the theme, these made from Commercial 95 HDPE shade cloth.

The finished canopy, flush-joined along the existing eaves.

Shade sails under the canopy add the finishing touch.


Braving the Elements

Our tensile fabric structures at Khaolak’sLa Casa de La Flora Resort were installed last year. One is literally on the edge of the beach and the other just a few metres further inland on the restaurant roof-top.

In these locations both structures take the full onslaught of the westerly summer monsoon winds and rain as they sweep in from the Andaman Sea to lash anything in their way. As in all tensile fabric installations the most important ingredient by far is DESIGN. From below the ground to the top of the highest point every element of the design must be right. Our engineers and designers use specialist software to design and check footings, material specifications and membrane design to ensure our clients can have confidence in the integrity of the structures we provide. Our recommended maintenance schedules are designed to allow resort staff to monitor the good health of their structures.




Up to 5 metres (16’4”) wide - 4 or 8 sides

The SU10 umbrella

Meet the giant of our umbrella range, the SU10 commercial umbrella.

  • Commercial grade aluminium frame

  • Robust 82.5 mm diameter thick-walled aluminium post

  • Stainless steel fittings

  • Durable strong high performance hub

  • Telescopic mast enables closed umbrella to clear most furniture

  • Best quality Sunbrella acrylic fabric covers

  • 6 standard colours, wide range of custom colours from Sunbrella range

  • 3 year frame warranty, 5 year fabric warranty

  • Surface plate, in-ground anchor or portable base

  • Adjacent umbrellas can be joined with removable fabric rain gutters to provide areas of full protection




At last, a modern & stylish exterior façade system designed to protect windows from sun rain and create architectural appeal.


SUNBREAKERS – a highly efficient aluminium louvre shading system.

  • European designed & manufactured

  • Control heat entering building, dramatically reduce air-conditioning cost

  • Adjustable & fixed versions; motorized & manual control, “smart” automation                by handphone or sensors

  • Wind resistant, all-weather protection

  • Large range of colour options in Swiss powder coat finish

  • Blades can be mounted vertically or horizontally

  • Suitable for both horizontal & vertical surfaces

  • Three blade sizes (210 to 400 mm) constructed from lightweight aluminium  for strength & durability

  • Supplied in customized dimensions


Newsletter July 2020



While 2020 so far has been a challenging year in so many ways we sincerely hope that, like Shades Asia, your own business and circumstances have been able to cope and that you are now able to focus on the future. We wish you the very best and remain committed to serving all our clients through what we hope will be a period of re-growth for us all.

We see our Newsletter as a chance to keep our clients posted on our recent projects where you may spot a design or an idea which could suit your own projects. As well we will highlight some of the great new products we have added to our repertoire.

We sincerely thank you for your interest and your subscription, and welcome all new subscribers (you can join up at the bottom of any of our web site pages,or un-subscribe here).




In 2019 we designed and installed a 240 sq metre shade structure covering the main playground at the new Basis International School in Bangkok. We've just made it bigger!

Original installed shade structure

The original  structure is supported by large free-standing steel columns attached to piled footings 18 metres deep.

The school has now added additional equipment to the playground and requested we provide a solution to extend the shade coverage to ensure that kids could avoid direct sun exposure, particularly in the mornings. Part of our design brief was to avoid the use of back-stays in traffic areas including the playground itself and adjacent pathways.

Our design was based on a careful study of shade patterns for the critical times when the playground would be used, and included one additional large free-standing column, again mounted on deep piles into Bangkok’s notoriously unstable soil, and additional back-stay supported columns located out of the way in an adjacent garden, with back-stays anchored onto an existing reinforced concrete retaining wall.

Here is a rendered image of our proposed solution

Our proposal also contained a full set of shade patterns which clearly showed the times of the day, at different times of the year, when the new shade would effectively protect the playground. Below is an example of those patterns.

The completed addition.




The new owners of Troopers Eats restaurant in Phuket’s famous “Muay Thai” district of Chalong wanted to make more use of the outdoor street frontage for diners. However, early morning patrons were discouraged to sit here thanks to the rising sun. It was hot, and when it rained, it was wet.

Our solution was a version of a reverse “almost” cantilever canopy, using columns placed along the property’s front boundary supporting rafters sloping backwards and upwards just low enough to avoid the large illuminated sign positioned mid-way along the dining area.

All steelwork was finished in matte black enamel paint to match the existing roof support columns and fascia of the building.

Like most of our custom products we pre-installed this in our factory, disassembled it for fabric manufacture, metalwork finishing & painting, and had the entire job installed, detailed and commissioned within 4 hours, ready for customers!



We have two completed fabric structures which are not now required by the clients who ordered them. Both are built in knock-down format ready to be shipped and installed. We can specify the required footings and if necessary provide engineering certification in Thailand.

323 sq metre open-sided barrel vault roof structure.

This structure was built to our highest specifications and standards for use at an international school. European architectural fabric (15 years warranty), marine grade stainless steel joining bolts, rigging and tensioning devices. All mild steel finished in 5-coat marine grade epoxy paint from International Paints.


36 sq metres frame-supported conical structure with timber columns

A perfect addition for residential or business property. Redwood columns, European architectural fabric, marine grade epoxy paint finish.

We need to move these products from our factory. For further enquires or to make an offer call or email us.




Multi cantilever umbrella


Rotating cantilever umbrella



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