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From Pool House to Cool House

Our client is renovating his pool house. The relentless tropical sun beat all day on the north-facing windows of the pool house building and rendered the poolside patio unusable for most times of the afternoon. Existing thick outside curtains kept the sun from half the building, but were somewhat less than a visual attraction.

Pool House before & design

The design we presented included a steel-framed curved canopy extending, at his request, as far as possible towards and overlapping the pool-edge to ensure the patio was shaded at the times he wanted to use it, and a set of manually-operated vertical roller blinds on the remaining half of the building to block direct sun from the windows.

Our designers created a full set of 3D images of the design so our client could visualise clearly what the end result would be, and also generated a full set of shade patterns showing where the canopy’s shade would fall at various times throughout the day in both summer and winter.

Just 16 days from our first site visit, Team Shades arrived with the canopy, blinds, and a shade sail for the client’s car park area, all ready to install.

installation 1

Careful site measurement and design means we complete all fabrication and painting at our factory, so installation is a fast, clean and efficient affair. No welding, cutting, grinding or painting takes place at site, just bolting the structure together and installing and tensioning the pre-made fabric canopy and its rigging components.

installation 02

And here is the finished canopy, and on the right, the vertical blinds. And below, we deliver exactly what we said we would!

Pool House before & after 2

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