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Dream Beach Cottages on Coconut Island, Phuket

Even dreams need shade!

Just a 5 minute boat ride from Phuket’s east coast is beautiful Coconut Island, the dream setting for everyone’s dream tropical island under-the-palm-trees thatched-roof cottage. And here they are, at Jindarin Beach Club & Resort.

Jindarin awnings

Beach cottages at Jindarin Beach Club & Resort.

Our job was to design, manufacture and install awnings for some of Jindarin’s west-facing villa patios which (a) blended with the overall feel and look of the villas and the resort, (b) provided adequate shelter from sun and rain, and (c) achieved all of their objectives without obstructing the beautiful views to neighbouring Phuket Island.

We chose rustic timber columns hewn from the local jungle as the outer awning supports, and Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic fabric (colour “heather beige”). In the awning perimeters we ran 5 mm stainless steel flexible cable to assist with tensioning the shaped fabric, and attached the building end of the awning to a roof beam with old-fashioned but effective cord lashing.

Tensioned Sunbrella fabric awning

Shaded patio on Jindarin cottage

tensed fabric awning

The perfect place to watch another Phuket sunset

Tensioned fabric awning at Jindarin Beach Club & Resort

Lipstick palms and shaded patio at Jindarin cottage.

Sunbrella acrylic tensioned fabric awning

Sunbrella acrylic tensioned fabric awning


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