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Destination Maldives: Fabric Roof Canopies

One of our colleague/agent companies in the Indian Ocean was asked to provide fabric roof canopies for several beautiful timber structures recently installed on one of the Maldives stunning island resorts, and he in turn asked us to design and fabricate them.


Sadly for us we received the required measurements by email – for this job we would have much preferred to take them ourselves (!) – but we set to work carefully reconstructing the structures on CAD and then designing the canopies to fit.

From the field measurements the canopy dimensions and shape were defined.

canopi shape

The individual panels which make up the shaped fabric “skin” were drawn, cut and welded together.


Finally, the marine-grade stainless steel corner plates were fabricated ready to install onto the fabric on site just prior to installation.

Steel corner plates

Alizee Tent

One of the timber structures with fabric roof installed.

destination maldives

Packing & shipping was delayed momentarily due to a minor misunderstanding about our role in the on-site  installation

Alizee Tent

And here is one of the installed membranes atop its timber frame.


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