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Modern Awnings For Modern Buildings

All our awnings are made with fabric. Some are fixed, some retractable. Some are curved, some are straight. Many modern villas and commercial buildings require simple “minimalist” accessories, like awnings, to complement their architectural style. That’s why we created our award-winning “straight leading edged” tensioned fabric awning:

modern building

We have no standard size for these awnings, since nearly all buildings present their own personal complexities for which we can easily “design around” and provide the perfect awning. However, as a general rule these awnings can extend outwards up to 2.5 metres (~8 feet) and can be any length.

Fixed tensioned fabric awnings

The awning frames are built from mild steel treated with a 5-coat marine-grade epoxy paint system from International Paints – simply the best. And we offer 316 grade stainless steel frames as an alternative. And naturally we offer a range of fabrics, all architectural grade, solid or mesh PVC or woven acrylic, in a range of colours, which is attached to the frame and tensioned using a purpose-made system from Profil Tension System.

fixed awnings
modern awning

Our colleagues in the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) liked our design so much they bestowed it with and “Award of Excellence” at their 2012 convention in Boston, USA.



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